A Brief History....

cleaning-carpet1In 1978, Edward Ranken began Pro Cleaning Service in Orange County, NY as a side job to make extra money.  Due to his dependability and affordable prices, it soon became a full-time endeavor.  By 1985, he had expanded into several surrounding counties.
Pro Cleaning Service has always been a family-operated buisness and in 1991, Edward's oldest son, Michael, began to work part-time.  By 1994, Michael had learned enough of the business to become a partner.
In 2001, Michael took over the family business and to honor his father's military service, renamed the business Fidelity Cleaning Service.

Who Are We?

We are a full service janitorial/cleaning company, totally qualified in all aspects of the industry.  We place a special emphasis on Doctor/Dental and medical settings.

A family-owned and operated business, we all are cetified in OSHA regulations, as well as Blood Borne Pathogens Protection.  We uphold these standards for our safety as well as yours and your customers.

Our thorough knowledge of quality supplies and techniques sets us apart from others in our field and reassures you that your business will look its best.

Whether your business needs daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning, we have many contracts available to meet your cleaning needs.  We offer services in Orange, Ulster and Dutchess Counties.

Why Fidelity Cleaning Service?

Family owned and operated does make a difference!

Second, consider this...
A national survey of 1,000 office employees found that a clean office plays a very important role in both employee moral and productivity:

85% of workers think regularly about the cleanliness of their office

Only 40% of workers have "a lot of confidence" in their building's cleaning team

78% of workers say they get sick each year from their co-workers

69% of workers believe a clean office makes employees more productive

We have maintained all of our cleaning accounts for 15 years or more!


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